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6/9/21 (Wednesday)

I'll be heading out of town immediately after preaching.

Scripture Reading - Psalm 145:1-7

Congregational Song - "Indescribable"

Congregational Song - "Here I Am to Worship"

6/13/21 (Sunday)

Scott Bennett will be leading worship.

Congregational Call to Worship - "Praise Him! Praise Him!"

Welcome & Announcements

Scripture Reading - Psalm 51

Pastoral Prayer

Congregational Song - "Jesus, Messiah"

Congregational Song - "10,000 Reasons"

(Choir departs platform.)

Congregational Song- "Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)"


Invitation Song - "Jesus Paid It All"

6/16/21 (Wednesday)

I'll be out of town at the convention. If I need to find someone to lead worship, let me know.

6/20/21 (Sunday)

Choral Call to Worship - "Days of Elijah"

Welcome & Announcements

Scripture Reading - Revelation 7:9-12

Pastoral Prayer

Congregational Song - "Shout Hosanna"

Congregational Song - "Behold Our God"

(Choir departs platform.)

Congregational Song- "How Great Is Our God"


Invitation Song - "Just As I Am"

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